Photography: the literature of the eye

It is with great pleasure that I offer you my professional services as a photographer. You would like to refresh your business image on today’s media or showcase your products online, remember a special moment in your life or simply reflect the present moment. Photography is a medium that allows you to highlight these moments or to reflect the concern and the amount of work that you invest in your business on a daily basis. Every detail counts and I take care to pay it all the necessary attention to exceed your expectations.

Where I come from

Telecommunications project manager by training, photography has been a passion in my life for a long time. A serious photography enthusiast since the days of film and once passionate about astrophotography, the world of photography is part of my life. I have practiced professionally for several years and I continuously enrich my knowledge in a self-taught way. I personally perform all of the tasks around the photographic process, from setting up the studio to capturing the image and ultimately retouching that make a photograph a personalized and unforgettable memory. All without forgetting the most important thing: supporting you in your project, whatever it is. I invite you to submit your project to me and we will see together how far we will go! Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

Patrice Amyot Photographer

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